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Hey adult! Why the New Rules?

Hey guys,

I have received a couple emails regarding the new posting rules on adultchat. I know the rules may seem strict, especially since there were no rules up till this point and they kind of came out of nowhere. And now there is flashing buzzers and Xs everywhere. Sorry about that, but I needed to get your attention. I haven’t posted the reasons why I have to implement these rules yet, because I didn’t want to bore your with too many details. But here goes:

In order to pay the expenses for hosting, software, developing new features and promoting the site, in addition to  providing you guys with premium advertising options to help you get more clients: I need some way of processing credit cards.  Not only that, I have to work with a credit card processing company that allows hookup sites.

These credit card companies do not allow ads that mention sexual services (such as bj, hj, gfe, sensual massage etc.) or pricing information. I know it seems ridiculous! Of course people know what the site and the posts are about, however, the credit card companies can not be involved in the explicit exchange of sexual services for money and they are firm on this.

You’ll notice that backpage also has policies similar to this, and it is for the same reason. Their policies are written in a simplified fashion but they essentially say the same thing: no sexual services and no prices may be mentioned.

I apologize for the abrupt change and for not explaining this in more detail up until now, but I have found that most people avoid reading lengthy descriptions like this, and so I decided to post only the rules. Anyway, I hope you understand now why these rules are in place.

adultchat has steady traffic and it will be growing considerably in the future as we enter our promotional stage, so I invite you to stay and continue recommending the site to your friends.

Unlike most other sites, adultchat serves ALL major and minor cities throughout Canada and the United States, so if you decide to visit other cities you can post ads no matter where you go. We also provide an easy to use and attractive place for you to post your ads. And we will always offer a free option. In exchange for this value and convenience, I ask that you work with me and be discreet with your posts so that we can all help each other enjoy more success in the future.

If you think your friends might be interested in knowing this as well, please let them know or send them the link to this page.

Feel free to email me with your questions or comments here.

adult Admin : )

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Join hookups on Facebook Group

Are you an hookup that uses facebook as well? If so join the hookups on Facebook group!

Facebook is becoming more and more popular and is an ideal networking tool. A great way to find new friends for discreet encounters. : p

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How to Cross Link Your Ads for More Clicks

Laura Lee 778 554 6290 did a great job of cross linking her recent ad. This is a great way to ensure your photos and ad are displayed in the best light.

All it takes is putting your links in your ads on other sites. Take a look at her example:

Way to go Laura!

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adultchat Featured in Busty Japanese Lady’s 604-781-8627 Georgia Straight Ad

Busty Japanese Lady, a regular advertiser on adultchat, included a prominent link to in her recent ad in the Georgia Straight.

The Georgia Straight, Canada’s Largest Urban Weekly newspaper with over 693,000 readers, currently has Busty Japanese Lady’s ad running in print and on their website.

You can see it online here:

adultchat hails you Busty Japanese Lady! You are a shining example of using synergistic internet marketing practises to promote your services.  As a result of your cooperative marketing efforts, thousands more clients will find your ad on

busty japanese lady 604-781-8627

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New Clients, Repeat Clients from Twitter

Social media like facebook and twitter seem like that last place for hookups and service providers to find clients. Not true!

I have found quite a few examples of facebook and twitter accounts posted by hookups.

Why not use the power of social networking to keep in touch with your clients or find new ones. Its quick, easy and best of all it’s free.

Here is a great example of a adultchat poster Asia Studios based out of Toronto, that has over 90 followers on twitter:

The key to using twitter is having a good photo and promoting it to your clients and on your website.

Then you can link to your recent ads on adultchat so people have some eye candy to keep them interested.

Give it a try and let me know how it works. Sign up for a twitter account and start posting your adultchat ads to your followers:

Be sure to follow our tweets there as well:

Until next time,
Happy posting!

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Craigslist Adult Down, adultchat in Town

adult White Famous hookupSo i log on and mindlessly click on my CL bookmark, looking to browse the erotic section. But the erotic section is gone. What?!!

Mayhem murder money madness. How many peoples worlds would be rocked by the deletion of this One Link? Not to mention Adult gigs, where are all those adults going to go to find a gig now?

F that, i said.

A few minutes later I registered, and a few hours into the early morning dawn a free classified ad site was born: – Free Adult Classifieds & hookup Classifieds.

I took the name adult after adult White from New Orleans. A woman with vision and ideas that made something out of nothing and had fun doing it.

Check her out, she kicked it old school.

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